Lose your Muse? Drop it Back in

Lose your muse?

Don’t worry, if you lose your muse there are ways to get it back. But where can we look to find it ? What better place than by watching a story about crime, loyalty and credibility told by great actors? If watching other artists at work gets your juices flowing, I have the answer. Go out and see The Drop. It’s beautifully filmed with a stylish, dark atmosphere that you can cut with a knife.

In the underbelly of a criminal enterprise

It’s a must-see gritty tale that features one of the last performances by James Gandolfini. Who better to wade us through the underbelly of a criminal enterprise that drips with deadly morality and the bleak code of the street? Lead actor, Tom Hardy from England, earns his money 10 times over with his Brooklyn accent alone. Nice soundtrack, too.

You probably won’t have trouble getting a seat either, because the masses haven’t discovered it yet. They will though, and I predict it will win a closet full of awards. So if you lose your muse or not, put The Drop on your calendar for the weekend. Remember to check back in to tell us how you liked it and if it helped you get your muse back.

I might see you there, because I need to see it again!

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