New Heights with the Justification Jam

Reaching new heights with the Justification jam
(Photo by fdecomite)

New heights continue from contributions to the Jam

New heights to our list arising from the Justification Jam continue to be attained. With every addition that comes in , our list gets longer and stronger. We are building a catalog that will remain as a reference, reinforcement and motivator. And we're creating an important contribution to the world-wide community of guitar players.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in their thoughtful and creatively written additions to our collection of musician's critical skills. Every comment that has been offered has been a savvy, well-considered reply by a knowledgeable participant. It's encouraging to know that players are out there thinking about this and that we all have so much in common.

A knowledgeable and caring community

Yes, there is an added incentive. We are giving away a great Seagull Artist Mosaic acoustic guitar valued at $1129 to one of the contributors. But beyond that, I can tell that people from all over, players of all styles are working hard on similar things and there is a long list of them!

I am learning that people want to win a beautiful guitar, but more importantly, I have discovered that there is global community of hard-working musicians that are ready to help each other improve and succeed.

New heights and soon a new guitar

With the promotion ending December 1st and the winner to be announced shortly afterwards, there's still time to get involved. If you've been thinking about all the things it takes to make it up the ladder as a guitar player, we want your two cents. (See the guitar giveaway tab on my site.)

 A closing chord for thoughtful players

This is a  moody, cerebral chord dedicated to all of the thinking artists who have sat in on our jam so far. It's one that gives an open sound and can inspire your songwriting. And don't forget to share what helped you come up with your last great lick!

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