Rise Up and Vote!

Pressure continues to bear down on so many of us in our town, our country and countries around the world. Employment, economics, health, climate change, social, political and global conflict all factor into our uncertainties. In times like these, when chaos and social unrest are prevalent, factions can arise that benefit from creating divisions within us. This is a contrary proposition for those of us who believe in harmony, peace and ethical prosperity.
The fueling of unrest usually involves manipulation of information to heighten our fear of the future and our fear of each other. So, to keep focused and maintain sanity, civility and compassion, we need to fact-check our information and absorb it carefully through a critical lens.
When we are factually informed on the issues it will help us to take the next step toward supporting one another and saving the planet – and that is getting involved. One basic, self-directed action we can take is to vote. Locally, regionally, nationally – wherever we live – if we can have a voice, we should make it heard.
So here's the song about it. Please listen and join me in the global struggle for social, environmental and political justice and Rise Up and Vote!

Thanks for checking it out!