Rise Up and Vote!

November 3, 2020 may stand as one of the most pivotal days in history. The 2016 election was determined by 80,000 votes. With 236 million eligible voters, that's a difference of less than one 10th  of 1 percent – so voter turnout is vital to the future of the planet!
To address this significant event in our lifetimes, the song “Rise Up and Vote!” has been written. The heart of its message has been edited down to a concise call to action, accompanied by this voter motivation video. We are now sending it out to social media campaign managers in battleground states and beyond.
If it moves  a minuscule number of people, it could play a part  in changing the world – in less than 1 week – so if you care about it, please share this message.
Here's the entire song for context:

Thanks for checking it out!