Rise Up and Vote!

September 20, 2021 will be a pivotal day for Canada. Social, environmental, economic justice - the rights of our indigenous people - will all come under consideration on that day. And that is the day we can have our voice heard.
The pandemic has shocked us into rethinking our norms and comforts and has exposed many divisions and inequities among us. But through this time of challenge and reconsideration, I see cause for hope: we have seen that we can survive with less, that the smoke of industry can be slowed for a moment to reveal a great sky above us - and we have all seen that we are part of a much bigger picture.
On September 20th, we can capitalize on the wisdoms that have been thrust upon us. No matter what stripe we may be, or what opinions we hold, we are all joined by our dependence on the planet to sustain us. Now is the time to make your statement. Support those who understand that achieving justice for humanity begins with immediate, ethical environmental stewardship.
My goal with this song is to tell a story that makes the connection between social and environmental justice - to communicate that we are all in this struggle together. I hope it can motivate us to be heard, but also to take action. Let's seize this opportunity and tell our leaders they must act now. Please consider this and join me to Rise Up and Vote!

Thanks for checking it out!