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Seagull Artist Mosaic

Seagull's rich, bright, warm sounds are in the wood

Seagull guitars, like their hand-crafted Artist series have a great, dynamic spectrum of sounds. Their creator, Robert Godin, has been making guitars since 1982 and his attention to detail and devotion to using the best materials clearly shows. I am really impressed with the sound and versatility of their specialty line of Artist guitars, including the Mosaic model (shown above).

From the solid cedar top, the mahogany back and sides to the spruce bracing and rosewood fingerboard and bridge, the careful combination of woods give this guitar a distinctive character. I like the way it plays and sounds, but what got my attention was the way it performed when recording. The shape and construction contribute to its dynamic range and ability to project mid-range while avoiding booming bottom-end.

Your chance for an Artist Mosaic from Seagull Guitars

If you haven't heard about my Guitar Giveaway or the list of skills for modern guitar players that I'm creating in my Justification Jam, it's time to dial in. Seagull Guitars sees value in our list and have generously contributed a guitar to be awarded to one of our lucky contributors. If you want to be part of the list and win a beautiful Artist Mosaic from Seagull Guitars, be sure to see my Guitar Giveaway page.

Somewhere near the top of the list for making it as a guitar player will be having a good instrument. Here's a chance to review your skill set, help other guitarists and win a great guitar from Seagull Guitars. Sounds like a winner to me!

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