Slick Blues Lick

Slick blues lick for your blues in E

Here's a slick blues lick that incorporates a finger-style approach with your right hand. It's a versatile part that will work with the blues in E you may be playing and it's a nice transition from bar 2 to 3 in the progression.  And when you learn it you can experiment with it in other parts of your blues as well.

The reoccurring open E string  on the top of the phrase reinforces the root of the key and provides the resonance that we love to hear. I use it in my song, the Breakfast Blues, which draws heavily on the use of open strings throughout. In the video I present that slick blues lick in context, playing it between some tasty 13th and 9th chords that you might want to try as well.

A slick blues lick that helps make the blues your own

You might say, "Hey, that's a simple run that's been used before", but that's the beauty of the blues. It's all about when, where  and how you play some of the time-honored passages that you will come across. You can put your own feeling and expression into it and make it belong to you.

The blues are a great vehicle to improvise around, to write songs about and to project emotion with. So enjoy the phrase and the chords I present here and have fun with this slick blues lick!

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