The Starfish – Sidetracked with Technology


The "Starfish" is the new term for sidetracked

Musician, baker or candlestick maker, the starfish phenomenon is the big black hole at our feet, eagerly awaiting our first step in the wrong direction. It's the pitfall of getting diverted from our key goals, like staying in tune, having strong time and writing great songs. And more often than not, the culprit that pushes us into that hole is technology.

How many times have we set out with the best intentions to undertake a basic task, like recording a song to find out what works and what doesn't, only to get bogged down in software issues, gear complications and computer problems? All of which takes us farther and farther away from our original objective.

Technology is a great tool that can do so many things for us. But if we don't manage it carefully it can quickly become a huge distraction that will only lead to another version of the starfish story.

The Starfish parable is an important reminder

The starfish story will strike a common chord in all of us. It's an adventure that becomes increasingly disjointed by the seductive forces of technology, luring its subject through a maze of murky and pointless paths.

The story does have a happy ending though, and it can help your adventures have one, too. The next time you make a fresh start on a new project, think of the starfish and its many arms that reach in all directions. When you come to the first intersection, think carefully about which way to go. Make sure it takes the most direct route toward your original goal. Let the starfish remind you that one of your most valuable treasures is your time, so be sure to make the most of it.

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