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Time flies so don't get left out

With just over 2 weeks left in the Justification Jam and our Seagull Artist Mosaic acoustic guitar giveaway, there's still time to get involved.  So don't miss a chance to win a great guitar that will give you some beautiful sounds.

So far we have built an excellent list of skills needed by the modern guitarist.  A big shout-out to all of the participants who have contributed such diverse, comprehensive and relevant entries to our list. In just over 2 weeks someone is going to be getting an awesome axe valued at $1229. But beyond that we will have a lasting list that will be available as a resource, an encouragement and a motivation for guitar players everywhere.

You don't have to write the longest or most unusual entry. Just tell us what you think, what you have learned that is a valuable and necessary skill to make it as a guitar player today.

Time flies,  this chord can makes a progression fly, too

Here's a bright voicing for a G9 suspended chord. Remember the Sus chord uses the 4th (C) of the chord instead of the 3rd (B). I really like this chord because it includes the ninth (A) and the root is on top which both add to its brightness.

Just as time flies, so will your ideas and your fingers when you start working with this chord. To resolve it, just take your index finger off that B string and you've got your G9 chord with that resonant B open string.

On the wings of motivation, fly to your Seagull dealer

Now you've got a bright new chord to give you ideas. And as time flies by, send us your ideas for our list. To give you some extra motivation, go in to your local music store that carries the Seagull guitar and check out the Artist Mosaic. Try the G9Sus chord on it and see how it sounds!

(Flying photo by Joseph Xuereb)

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