Put on your Vacation Face

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Put on your Vacation Face

Summer's here - put on your vacation face

A vacation face will be mandatory to disguise your boredom with the inevitable annual vacation that you've reluctantly embarked upon. Sure, everybody loves a holiday and going away - but what about practicing? What about working on that great groove we just came up with?

There's no doubt we love our partner, our family, our pets! But what about our true love for our music and our commitment to our instrument? Next to singing and playing at the same time, this may be the most difficult balancing act you will ever need to perform.

If you want to maintain your relationship, stay in your family and out of the doghouse, you'll need to learn how to put on a proper vacation face.  This will require that you do exactly what you do whenever you're not sure how the song goes, just fake it!  Considering that many people fake joy and even orgasms to keep their relationships afloat, it shouldn't be that hard to look like we're on top of our vacation. So just like perfecting a passage in a song, you will need to practice putting on your happy, interested and engaged vacation face.

Surviving - from afternoon picnics to family reunions

Just like an alternate tuning,  the more you work on your vacation face, the more situations you will become effective at applying it to. Whether it's showing appreciation for the boss's singing at the company picnic or hearing the in-laws schooling you on the importance of musicians having back-up careers (like mortuary management), you can become startling convincing.

Like learning an instrument, it's all in the technique

Just purse your lips like you are about to play the bugle part from the Marines  reveille, think of Angelina Jolie and spread your mouth horizontally while raising your eyebrows vertically.

With a concentrated effort, after a short period of time you will have the ability to slip on a vacation face that will radiate a smile to rival the Botox injections of Cher and Joan Rivers combined.

In the meantime you can always hope for bad weather, flight cancellations or the camp counselor severely stubbing their toe. But with vacations cropping up every year or so, your best remedy will be the ability to put on a strong, believable vacation face. So keep smiling, summer will be over soon!

(Photo by Richard foster)

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