Victor’s Seagull Victory

Justification Jam winner receives his Seagull guitar

Victor's Seagull flies safely from Quebec to California:Victor WinsThe first chords with the tags still on:Victor Jams

Enthusiasm bounds from our Justification Jam winner, Victor Esparaza. He's jammin' here with his great looking - and sounding - Seagull Artist Mosaic acoustic, the prize from our December 1st draw.

We had many great entries that provided so many useful ideas on what it takes to make it as a guitar player today. In the end, we spun the wheel and Victor came out a winner. So we can all feel good about Victor with his new guitar and the fact that we have a substantial list of skills and abilities that will stand as an excellent resource for guitar players everywhere. Congratulations to Victor and thanks again to all of the participants. Stay tuned for the next promotion and prizes!

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