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Win a guitar with the Justification Jam

Jam with Robbie and win a beautiful Seagull acoustic guitar!

Win a Guitar

Talent used to be enough to make your mark in music. Today we need to be a Jack and Jill of all trades and master of most; software, hardware,  marketing, event planning... we need to know just about every trick in the book. And sometimes that's not enough. It seems that we also need to be able to convince people that we are in an honorable profession and we work hard at it.

So let's build a list of skills required to be a successful guitar player in today's music scene. It can become a resource to assist guitar players everywhere. The list will be a great reminder and motivator to all of us, but also something we can rattle off to skeptics who may think we are not serious.

Robbie's Justification Jam

People can have trouble "getting" guitar players

During your life as a guitar player, you will encounter requests for many different songs, but the Justification Jam may be the most universal tune that you will be asked to play. Whether it's a casual house party or a formal introduction you are likely to be asked, "What do you do?"

With the Justification Jam now in your repertoire, you will always be prepared for this. Just recite a few lines of it and you should be able to legitimize yourself in the eyes of everyone around you, including the cynics, accountants and bankers!

Get involved and win a guitar

The Justification Jam is a way to create respect for your efforts and for the profession and win a guitar by doing it.  For more information, see my guitar giveaway page and find out how to win a guitar - a beautiful Seagull Artist Mosaic acoustic. It's a great way to help you grow professionally and socially. So get involved and win a guitar! 

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