3 Chords to Open your Songwriting

3 chords can inspire new directions

3 chords may be all it takes to open new avenues for your songwriting and your playing. As a guitar player, I've always found that incorporating open strings into my chords creates a lot of mood. And as the mood develops, so do the ideas. Here's the first one:

This substitution for FMaj7, the FMaj9 with C in the bass is a great starting point for your progression. It gives a big open sound with lots of mood and implied direction.

Then you can use this one, the D minor9. Because D minor is the relative minor of F major, it is a good substitution and can easily be included in your progression:

If I only knew 3 chords, I would want this to be one of them. It offers a very unique sound and creates feeling and implied direction.

3 chords to remember

And then as your dominant chord, the chord that sets up a return to where we began (also known as the Tonic) you can use this one:

These 3 chords can lead you in many directions and hopefully contribute to your next great progression or new song. They can also bring interest to your playing and even respect from other players as you demonstrate your ability to reach for new sounds.

History has shown us that a lot of memorable music has been based on  3 chords. Now you have three more to work with, build on and enjoy!

While you work with these winning 3 chords

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