Robbie’s Chord House


Robbie's Chord House

 Robbie's Chord House builds it out for you

Robbie's Chord House is a great way to lean new chords. I've put together a bunch of chords that can open up your sound and introduce some new musical directions for you as well. Robbie's Chord House will keep growing with new voicings and fingerings for many types of chords that will have many different applications.

Here's a meaty, tough sounding G7#9 chord:

Robbie's Chord House shares a truly funky chord

In addition to some sweet sounding chords, we'll be discussing the theory behind them and their different uses. The G7#9 chord presented here is heavier in the bass notes, giving a nice bottom end to your sound. It's a nice contrast to hearing the more commonly played voicings that use higher strings.

Robbie's Chord House applications

This G7#9 is a good groove chord with an undeniably funky feel to it. The use of the lower end notes works well if you're playing solo and covering for a bass part. If you're working with a bass player and you want to bring out the bottom end, you can effectively double up with the bass part using a chord like this.

Let us know if there are any chord types you want to hear more about and remember to keep checking in for tasty chords that will make your playing stand out. Robbie's Chord House, where I build them for you, one note at a time!


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