Folsom Prison Blues Gets a New Great Ending

Folsom Prison ending - Impress your friends

As part of my series on big endings, here is a great finish for the Folsom Prison Blues. You'll thrill your audience and impress your friends with this one. It's got octaves, chord substitutions and even a right hand crossover in it.

Will people be peeved when you tinker with tradition and change a time-honored ending? Not likely, because it's a compliment to the original artist when you offer an interesting interpretation of their great work. Besides, you'll create more curiosity in your playing and your performance if you give your audience something to talk about.

You'll get a lot of mileage out of my ending for Folsom Prison Blues as it frees your listeners to travel down new roads. Learn this new ending for Folsom Prison  and leave them wanting more of your fancy playing.[ssba]

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