Great Guitar Chords Get Attention


Great guitar chords get attention and respect

Great guitar chords can create interest in your playing.  A great guitar chord, one which may be a bit more complex,  can even generate respect from your listeners. When I refer to a complex chord, I don't mean one that is hard to play, but one that has more harmonic density or even dissonance. Don't be intimidated by these terms, they just mean  a sound that creates an urge for it to be resolved, or followed by another sound.

Every chord you play doesn't have to be complex to get the listener's attention. If you put the right chord in the right place you can bring more attention to a passage of the song you are performing. And if you introduce something different, something unconventional, it can create curiosity in what you are playing.

So when you try some of these great guitar chords it can produce some interesting reactions from your audience. Their ears may be sending subtle messages to their brains, like "what's coming next?"

And great guitar chords are always an excellent topic  of discussion among guitar players. If you come out with something other players haven't seen or heard, you can gain respect and admiration from your community of players.

Great guitar chords can be a source of pride, too. You may have people telling you how hard is to making a living as a musician and how you should be doing something more sensible like accounting or funeral home management. But when they do, now you can reply, "sure, but I can play this and it sounds great!"


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