A Meaty Chord That Even Vegans Savor


Put meat on your progression’s bones

A meaty chord like this will add a distinct flavor to your song, have your audience clapping for minutes and coming back for seconds. You’ll have them eating out of your hand and wanting a steady diet of your playing once you start serving up this voicing. If you have a progression that uses a basic G7 chord, try substituting this G13b9 right before you resolve to your CMaj chord. It’s the perfect chord for that special occasion and when you find it, it will sound great and make you stand out among guitar players.

A meaty chord that tenderizes

This G13b9 substitution is a full bodied chord that begs for resolution. When you follow it up with a solid C Maj, it gives a memorable sound that will add power to the transition in your chord progression. And it’s versatile as well. You can use the lite version of it when you play with a bass player (F-B-E-Ab) or if you play solo you can put in a fancy cross-over and put the G in the bass with your right hand.

An ending that’s not pretending

If you’re not sure where to apply this nice, meaty chord, try it at the very end of your song just before you play your last CMaj chord. Its strong harmonic structure will create more than just ear candy, it will provide real substance. You’ll have a memorable finale that will fill the appetites of listeners who are hungry for sweet sounds and fulfilling music.


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